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Advanced security tailored to your needs, with a team of highly specialized cyber defenders at your side 24/7.


Security for the New Age.

Cyber Criminal Enterprises, Hackers, Nation States, and many more digital threats are targeting valuable individuals by abusing with their reputation, stealing their wealth, threatening their families, and exposing information. Spectre is here to protect you.
“What was once a minor threat—people hacking for fun or bragging rights—has now turned into full-blown nation-state economic espionage and very, very lucrative cyber criminal activity. The threat is now coming at us from all sides.” Christopher Wray

FBI Director


Fast and Secure On-boarding Process.

Protection Against Real Threats

Incorporate leading edge cyber protection around yourself and your family. Let Spectre hunt your digital adversaries and keep your space safe.

Elite Agents at Your Side

Have battle hardened cyber experts at your side 24/7, available with a click of a button. Let us fight your electronic threats while you focus on new victories.

Simple and Easy Implementation

We value your time. There is no need for you to spend hundreds of hours securing everything and ensuring safety. Spectre does everything for you in an almost completely hands-off experience.

24/7 Cyber Defense Overwatch

Powered by the world’s most advanced technology and cyber team, we monitor activity 24/7 and protect you against threats at any time, any place.


Extensive and Professional Cyber Security.

24/7 Cyber Protection

Leading edge cyber protection empowered by the world’s most advanced technology and cyber team. We’ve got you covered.

24/7 Cyber Consulting

Feel protected with our dedicated cyber assistants at your side ready to aid and support you. Our team is just a click of a button away.

Digital Currency Vault

Protect your crypto-currencies from exposure and theft. Spectre has impenetrable vaults in Switzerland, USA, and Singapore for keeping your assets safe.

Family Safety & Defense

Extend your cyber protection to your family as well. Fight of cyber predators and real life monsters alike. Keep your family safe.

Threat Intelligence

Be the first to know if a Cyber Gang or Nation State is targeting you. We’re always watching. We’re always 3 steps ahead.

Personal Data Bank

Protect all of your critical data in our Data Bank. Our facilities are built with doomsday in mind. Our vaults are as well.

Secure Hardware Solutions

We offer secure phones, computers, and other protection gadgets for you and your family.


Pick a Plan That’s Right for You.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Sign Up?

To sign up, send us an email at: [email protected] and one of our representatives will reply with specific instructions for your onboarding process.

How will Spectre Protect Me?

While the technical details of our service are strictly confidential, we will talk you through our process after the initial contact via email. Spectre has been designed to operate in the background, so you can live your life without having to worry about cyber threats.

How Many Devices Can Spectre Secure?

While there is no specific limit to the amount of devices that can be secured via our service, we do tailor the service to specific needs which are discussed during the sign up process.

Who is Spectre for?

Spectre is for people who need to have peace of mind, knowing that a specialized team of cyber security experts are safeguarding their personal information and devices from threats 24/7.

What Makes Spectre Different from Other Products in the Market?

As a service, Spectre is unique in what it offers, and our specialized security packages are tailored

Do I Need to Install Anything to be Secured?

Spectre is a service that is designed to be hassle-free. We will take care of everything that is needed to keep you secure.
Need Additional Information?

Use Cases

What is the True Power of Spectre in the Real World?

Case #1 - Crypto Millionaire

Problem: Many individuals within the social circle of a renown crypto investor have been hacked. A close friend of theirs has lost 950+ Bitcoin from their personal wallets while a business associate of theirs has lost 8 Million during their ICO to Russian criminals. Shortly after, our crypto investor has spotted numerous attempts to compromise their accounts through cyberspace. The attacks have not stopped for a few weeks before Spectre has been contacted. Solution: The Renown Crypto investor has enrolled themselves into our personal cyber protection program in order to secure themselves and their assets. All of their personal devices have been secured by our agents. A substantial sum of their investments have been deposited to our crypto vaults in order to be kept safe. Furthermore, our Agents have discovered the origin of attacks and successfully protected our client against a multitude of advanced cyber threats.

Case #2 - Hollywood Actor

Problem: An up and coming Hollywood actor|actress has been gaining more fame and exposure in some of the most prominent media outlets. Ever since they made a substantial breakthrough in one of the recent 2018 movies, they have been experiencing cyber attacks regularly against themselves, family members, and staff. On a weekend at 3:00 AM their main cloud account has been breached. Personal and intimate pictures were stolen and were then used as blackmail the next morning. This leaked information would leave the actor|actress exposed to bad press as well as public shaming on social media if it was released online. Spectre was invited to join the case. Solution: Spectre has deployed some its most experienced agents on the case to quickly disrupt the attacks. All hacked accounts have been returned to the owner and their personal devices have been secured. Family members and staff have also been put on temporary protection while a defensive operation ensued. The hackers identity was swiftly revealed and authorities have been contacted. Within a few hours the crisis has ended and all sensitive files have been destroyed from the hackers computer. The actor|actress, their immediate family, and staff is now protected 24/7 by Spectre. All of their meaningful pictures and memories have been stored in our Data Bank.

Case #3 - State Leadership

Problem: A known politician is preparing to run as a candidate for Mayor in one of Europe’s capital cities. Knowing that an entire campaign could be at stake due to cyber attacks, the politician has turned to Spectre. Solution: Spectre has brought the politician onboard, connecting them with a dedicated team of assistants as well as assigning personal cyber protection to them and their immediate circles. Our advising teams have brought added value not only on cyber protection, but also proactive advice on how to combat fake news and social media reputation attacks. Spectre has prevented many cyber attacks originating from the Middle East and has been able to disrupt a massive social engineering campaign. Although the candidate did not win, they managed to be a runner-up with their reputation and integrity intact – scoring them many political points. Due to their popularity, Spectre is an active defender of theirs to this day, contributing to a safer and better democracy.

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